Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen
The World's Third Red Dot Design Museum

Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen officially opened in November 2018, becoming another world-class design and culture landmark in China. Following the venues in Essen, Germany, and Singapore, it is the world’s third Red Dot Design Museum. It is also the only Red Dot Design Museum that brings together award-winning designs from three competitions categories of Red Dot Award, namely, Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Design Concept, and Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design.

Red Dot Design Award, founded in Germany in 1954, looks back at a tradition spanning more than 60 years. Every year, Red Dot receives more than 17,000 submissions from 70 countries. It is one of the most influential design awards in the world. In 1955, the exhibition “Ständige Schau formschöner Industrieerzeugnisse” opened in Essen, which was the initial form of Red Dot Design Museum. The world's first Red Dot Design Museum was located in the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen, Germany. The exhibition space was designed and remodeled by the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Lord Norman Forster (a well-renowned architectural designer known for Apple's headquarters building) on the basis of the abandoned boiler house. In 2005, the second Red Dot Design Museum was established in Singapore. In 2017, the Singapore Red Dot Design Museum moved to its present location along the Marina Bay after a 12-year period since it was first established in 2005 along Maxwell Road. It is also the physical embodiment of Red Dot Awards.

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The World's Largest Airport Museum

Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen was rebuilt from the original Terminal 2 of Xiamen Gaoqi Airport, covering an area of 10,000m². It is the largest airport museum.

In 1982, to meet Xiamen Special Economic Zone's need, Gaoqi International Airport began its construction. Since then, Xiamen transformed from "an isolated island" to “a transportation hub” for the nearby cities. Terminal 2 was put to use in October, 1993. In 2017, it was used as the reception terminal for the BRICS Summit in Xiamen. In 2018, Terminal 2 was rebuilt to Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen, operated by Xiamen Culture Media Group, and the museum's special background will become the hub for international and Chinese design: to bring in international design culture and industrial resources, and to bring out Chinese designs and brands to the world.

Spatial Design

The architectural design of the museum is based on the flightpath concept. Each visitor entering the museum is like a flying aircraft. The moving paths of visitors inside the museum thus form countless flightpaths.

Museum Sections
The First Red Dot Design Museum that Brings Together Award-winning Designs from Three Competitions Categories of Red Dot Design Award

The exhibition area covers a two-floor space with a total of 4,500m². By uniting 70 countries’ award-winning designs from Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept, the exhibition showcases top-level design and leading designers and design teams’ creative thinking from various fields, and leads designers and companies to explore the latest industrial design trends.

Except the three regular exhibitions, each year, Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen presents the latest Red Dot award-winning designs in three special exhibitions, highlighting trends from design, material and market in product design, communication design and design concept. Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen aims to present top-level design and leading designers and design teams’ creative thinking through more than 10 high-quality international design exhibitions annually. Furthermore, it will also collaborate with top design brands to showcase leading designs from various fields in a multi-facet way including new filed, cross-boundary cooperation, classic design, new market, social design, etc.

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First Red Dot Design Library and SPACE

SPACE is located on the second floor of the museum. Based on the concept of “the second studio for the creators”, it turns 1,000m² of space into a comfortable and creative space. Inside SPACE, the world’s first Red Dot Design Library brings together a wide collection of design books and visitors can search Red Dot award-winning entries from the query system.

There are over 300 award-winning designs with over 100 styles in 18 function sections. Creative workers, designers and tourists can intuitively enjoy those design and feel the changes brought by design to their lives. Red Dot Design Award receives more than 17,000 pieces of works from 70 countries around the world annually. Red Dot Institute breaks them down to 4 categories: Doing, Working, Living, Enjoying, which is the basic concept of Space’s planning, layout and design. It not only systematically presents Red Dot award-winning products, but also gives visitors the chance to experience and use them, and to feel their quality of function, seduction, use and responsibility.


Design School

Red Dot Design Award has top global partners including thousands of brands, innovation institutes and design schools, and hundreds of international authoritative design professors and experts from the three awards. Relying on Red Dot Design Award’s design resources and forward-looking explorations on design trends, the Design School has an objective to create a world-class top design platform to promote design thinking and industrial upgrading. Along with city governors, companies, schools and designers, it aims to build the most innovative and influential creative design community in China.

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Looking Forward


Bring together world-leading design resources to empower creators in China
Integrate good design with good technology to drive the growth of world-class culture and science sector
Strive to become “Design Capital” to better attract internationally-renowned companies
Introduce the latest award-winning creativity to cultivate top talents for creative design


Inspire—Through exhibitions, workshops and SPACE, to promote innovation inspiration and design thinking among industries, companies and individuals.
Connect—Through workshops, SPACE and project cooperation, to provide industries, companies and individuals the opportunity of connection and mutual benefit.
Involve—Through workshops and project cooperation, to facilitate upgrading for industries, companies and individuals.
Support—Through workshops and project cooperation, to solve urban and social issues using the power of design.

As the world's third Red Dot Design Museum, Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen aims to present top-level design and leading designers and design teams’ creative thinking from various fields in a multi-facet way through high-quality international design exhibitions, forward-looking discussion and exploration on the design trends, and public education projects. It provides professional support and a cooperation platform for design practitioners and expands the connotation of design. By blending good design into the society, it enhances public awareness and participation in design, and promotes urban and industrial upgrading, which eventually leads to the establishment of the “design capital” as the city’s brand and advance the vision of developing world-class culture and technology industry.


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