Except regular exhibition halls, Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen has 2,500㎡ of multifunctional space. It is a venue with functions including exhibition, meetings, business, dining and entertainment. The first floor has a total of 400㎡ open space, and a central extra-large LED screen. Special exhibition halls B & C on the second floor have a total of 800㎡. With a capacity of 100 to 300 people, it is a perfect venue for hosting events. Design School located on the second floor has more than 1,000㎡ teaching space, including open-discussion platform, professional classroom, multifunctional meeting room, for the use of international forum, seminars, workshops, design salon, exhibitions, etc.
Venue corporation space

Address: Xiamen International Airport former Terminal 2 (117 Xiangyunyi Rd)
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