SPACE is located in the second floor of the museum. Based on the concept of “the second studio for the creators”, it turns 1,000m² of space into a comfortable and creative space. There are over 300 award-winning designs with over 100 styles in 18 function sections including reading, working, creating, meeting, leisure, recreation, etc. Creative workers, designers and tourists can intuitively enjoy those design and feel the changes brought by design to their lives. SPACE also has the world's first Red Dot Design Library that brings together a wide collection of books and visitors can search Red Dot award-winning entries from the query system.


1SPACE Entrance

2Red Dot Design Library

3Design Library

4Maker Co-working Space A

5Maker Co-working Space B

6Catering Space

7Aircraft Viewing Area

8Bar Counter Space

9Design Store

10Discussion Room & Private Area

11Maker & Tool Space

12Viewing & Exercise Space

13Coffee & Tea Area

14Private Telephone Room

15Lounge Area

16Photo Studio

17Entertainment Area


19Shower Room

Product Experience

Most of the furniture, lighting, electronics and other items are award-winning products from 2014-2019 Red Dot Award: Product Design. Visitors to SPACE can use and experience these products, thus intuitively enjoy those design and get inspired.

Product Entry to SPACE

Opportunity to be exhibited

The selected award-winning product will be exhibited in SPACE. The product’s design information, designer information, and manufacturer information will be displayed. There is also chance to join the exhibition tour in Greater China.

Opportunity to be experienced

The selected award-winning product is to be experienced by a great number of visitors from China and the world. We will collect the user experience information to provide to the designer as a reference for future product design advancement.

Opportunity to go on sale

The selected product will be consigned for sale and put up in store for sale. We will also choose some products to become their agent in China.

Stationed Brands