A Preview of the Future

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Jan 18th - Mar 18th, 2019 Special exhibition room B&C on the second floor at Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen


With the theme of \"A Preview of the Future\", the exhibition features the first large-scale exhibition of the award-winning works from the Red Dot Award: Design Concept in China. Being the winners for 2018 Red Dot Award: Design Concept, all the exhibits are the carefully selection based on strict criteria by an international jury panel of design experts. After their debut in Red Dot Design Museum Singapore, they set off on a global tour and made its first stopover in Xiamen. The exhibition is available at Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen from January 25th to March 18th, 2019. It is an annual feast for design that you shall never miss. The exhibition presents 333 latest design concepts and projects from 55 countries worldwide, including 61 prototypes, 266 images, and 14 multimedia works. It is comprised of 4 chapters, namely, \"The Shape of Time\", \"Life, the Universe and Everything\", \"The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy\" and \"Daydreamer\". Through design concept prototypes, graphic images and interactive multimedia presentations, the audience can get a full picture of today\'s most exciting design research projects, providing the public with a chance to broaden their horizons. This design concept exhibition also offers the prototypes of world leading design concepts an opportunity to cooperate with China’s manufacturing industry. It provides a professional platform for international design resource exchange. In the future, Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen will continue to bring in international design resources so as to promote the matchmaking platform for design and other industries.


This exhibition has ended.

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