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The world's third Red Dot Design Museum settled in Xiamen
Building an international design thinking hub

The predecessor of Red Dot Design Award, which was founded in Germany in 1954, boasts a history of more than 60 years. The Award receive 20,000 pieces of works from 70 countries around the world annually. It is one of the most prestigious influential design awards globally. In the same year,the “Exhibition of Elegant Industrial Products” was held in Essen, Germany,which was the original form of the Red Dot Design Museum. The world's first Red Dot Design Museum was located in the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen, Germany. It was designed and remodeled by the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Lord Norman Forster (a well-renowned architectural designer known for Apple's headquarters building) on the basis of the abandoned boiler house.In 2005, the second Red Dot Design Museum was established in Singapore. The former site used to be the Headquarters of Singapore Traffic Police. In 2017, it moved to Marina Bay. It is also the venue where the Red Dot Award: Design Concept is held.

On November 3rd, 2018, the world's third Red Dot Design Museum is officially settled in Xiamen, China.

Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen was rebuilt from the original Terminal 2 of Xiamen Gaoqi Airport, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. It is mainly composed of exhibition space,the Space (co-working space), Design School and Design Library. In a two-floor space with a total of 4,500 square-meter exhibition area, it features award-winning designs from the Red Dot Design Award, which is one of the most prestigious and influential design awards in the world. It is also the only Red Dot Design Museum that brings together award-winning designs from three competitions categories of Red Dot Design Award, namely, Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Design Concept,and Red Dot Award: Communication Design.


Design Exhibition:

The Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen as a carrier presents the links between design and society, products and aesthetics, brand and consumer market in every section. Starting from the theme of the exhibition, the Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen adopts an iterative, open and critical approach, allowing visitors to be proactive and engaged when they tour around the exhibition. The first of the three regular exhibition halls is called the “Form of Success –Design as a Corporate Strategy”, which is designed by the founder and CEO of Red Dot Design Award, Professor Dr. Peter Zec. It aims at facilitating the industrial upgrading. With nearly 2,000 square meters of exhibition space, it starts from the design concept, followed by the products and best practices of successful enterprises, sharing how companies can use the power of design to be successful in the business world in a simple and explicit manner. The first round of the “Form of Success – Design as a Corporate Strategy” exhibition brings together more than 600 works from 400 brands around the world, including nearly a hundred products from Apple, explaining how design can help companies succeed.

The second regular exhibition hall:“The Elements of Design”, focuses on contemporary Chinese design by sharing a growing number of Chinese designers’ works or products designed for China. It explores how to find inspiration from daily life and culture so as to create excellent products. The first round of “The Elements of Design” exhibition is planned around the four topics, "Commute, Dwell, Rest and Mindfulness, and Zen". Next to it is the "A World View" exhibition hall. The aircraft has always extended our imagination of the world. With the well-preserved China's first-generation civil aviation cabin, it serves as an exhibition space for the latest trend in cultures and technologies. The first round of the"A World View" exhibition partners with SKYPIXEL to share the world's most compelling photos taken by the drone.

There are also three special exhibition halls in the museum. Each year, the latest Red Dot award-winning designs are presented, capturing the latest product design, communication design, design concepts. It also highlights the design trends, material trends, and market trends. In addition to the display of award-winning designs from the 3 competitions, the museum will also host multi-level and multi-disciplinary exhibitions, including the themes of new fields, crossover collaboration, design classics, emerging markets, and design for society.


Design School:

The Design School is located on the second floor of the museum. It brings together hundreds of Red Dot jury members and successful global brands. With design as its the starting point, the Design School aims to offer inspiration for the creative industry. City governors, mentors from the industries,corporate managers and professional designers can access the "online course – Master’s open class" and "offline course - Design workshops". The Design School aims to boost urban innovation, industrial upgrading, and facilitate corporate transformation and talent promotion.

In the early stage, with a focus on design for society, the School will identify certain social issues and hopes to pool global top design resources and practical experience to inspire participants, develop their design thinking, and even propose solutions. The Design School also offers:exhibition guide tours, public outreach and education courses, global designer exchange programs, design capital courses, etc., aiming to build the most innovative and influential creative design community in China.



The Space is also located in the second floor of the museum. Based on the concept of “the second studio for the creators”, it turns 1,000 square meters of space into a comfortable and creative space for creative workers and tourists. Compared with the existing shared work space, the space is more professional, as it has the world's first Red Dot Design Library that brings together a wide collection of books and visitors can search Red Dot award-winning entries from the query system.

There are over 300 award-winning designs with over 100 styles in 18 sections inside the Space. They can be experienced and used by the visitors during work and leisure time, so that they can intuitively enjoy those design and feel the changes brought by design to their lives. The Space offers office furniture, including office desks, chairs and comfortable sofa loungers. The semi-open discussion room provides an inspiring environment for in-depth discussion. There are also nap rooms, shower rooms, sports and fitness area,recreation rooms, video conferencing rooms. A tool kit area and photo studio are also provided for design professionals. The users can strike a balance between work and rest. They can complete tasks independently, or share information, knowledge and ideas with others so that they can build up their contacts in the creative community. Pop-up stores are built for independent designers, serving as an incubator for young designers. They are an international display platform for product testing.


As the world's third Red Dot Design Museum, Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen aims to present top-level design and leading designers and design teams’creative thinking from various fields in a multi-facet way through high-quality international design exhibitions, forward-looking discussion and exploration on the design trends, and public education projects. It provides professional support and a cooperation platform for design practitioners and expands the connotation of design. By blending good design into the society, it enhances public awareness and participation in design, and promotes urban and industrial upgrading, which eventually leads to the establishment of the “design capital”as the city’s brand and advance the vision of developing world-class culture and technology industry.

Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00

Address: Former T2 of Xiamen Gaoqi Airport,China



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