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Liberating design with emotional pursuits

Author: Prof. Dr. PeterZec  | 2018-1-19( This passage is published on the Economic Daily)

Emotion plays an increasingly important role in good design. In addition to such product features as functionality and possible usage, modern products must also meet the emotional needs of consumers. Therefore, it may be not enough just to constantly optimize the product. What is more important is to make the product itself have added value of emotional appeal through design.

Emotional appeal depends on the use of the product in daily life. In the workplace, product design requires not only ensuring that employees are safe at work and able to accomplish tasks and work efficiently, but also tapping into an increasingly important skill -- creativity.

Products such as interior design, furniture, computers must create a dynamic atmosphere, as Apple has done in computer technology industry.The use of aluminum alloy, color bold design suddenly changed the form of computer as a technical tool to the best partner of the top talents.

MacBook Pro 15 "laptop
Manufacturer and in-house designer: apple computer
Category: Red Dot 2017

In terms of private space, the arrangement and choice of interior design can not only convey a certain social status, but also a display of personal taste, and at the same time, it must exude a positive and optimistic atmosphere.

The Red Dot award winner, Crystal Grand Sofa by BSFC Paris in bright yellow

An example of this is the Crystal Grand Sofa by BSFC Paris, a Red Dot award winner ;I've found that this design trend is often used to create a cozy atmosphere, especially during the winter.

In a way, it all depends on the season. In Europe, on bitterly cold days, people yearn for a feeling of security and comfort, as it gets dark earlier and colder each day. On the other hand, the treacherous political situation in recent years has made people more eager for a place to rest. In an era when the whole world is in turmoil, people are more eager for a sense of security and comfort.

That's why words like "cocooning" are used to explain why people increasingly want to withdraw from all the mundane and retreat into the private realm of their personal lives.

At the same time, furniture merchandise also represents the trend to return to the real with natural and simple design style, delivering a stark contrast with the advances of high technology. This optimistic simple interaction is even more evident in the design of the furnace, a genre of entry that is often seen on the stage of the Red Dot award. 

The TULIP stove, made by Swedish manufacturer Feuerring, uses elements of ancient stoves to illustrate emotional appeal.

TULIP Feuerring
Manufacturer: Swiss Feuerring GmbH
Design: Andreas Reichlin
Category: Red Dot: Best of the Best 2016

The Natura heater, designed by Fogo Montanha, does more than just warm up the space; This heater brings the user a aesthetic and natural feeling beyond the sensory experience of this element itself by using the design of cork.

The Natura Heater designed by Fogo Montanha  not only heats up the room, but also brings the user a aesthetic and natural feeling beyond the sensory experience of this element itself by using the design of cork.

So a compelling design that provokes and satisfies emotional needs is gradually becoming the trademark for a company. Social surroundings will make certain goods become more popular in a certain period, because these products can meet certain emotional needs of consumers.


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