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The basis of life science design:humanity

Author: Prof. Dr. Peter Zec | 2017-02-13

The better the design, the wider is the range of its application. Design is not only aesthetically significant, but also transforming abstract functions into physical forms. In the Red Dot design awards, international jury set the criteria for entries, which include creativity, functionality, styles, and self-confirming ability, in addition to aesthetic beauty. There is a very important category: life sciences and medical devices. As the name implies, Life science design is the combination of Life Science and Design, such as medical technology, biology, bionics, genetics or nanotechnology, but also involves philosophy, religion and other fields. No matter how extensive, the most important aspect of life science design is still humanity itself. Life science design is still a new term, derived from the urgent needs of modern aging society. Design is crucial in this context: from the visualization of medical research results to the operability of new medical products, design can realize new possibilities and implement new methods. In the past, life science and design were mutually enlightening, but they existed only side by side. Only recently have they been discussed together and created successful cases. Such a coexistent relationship is expected to create unprecedented ideas and theories in the future.
I’ve dedicated myself to promote design by exploring new ways for the public to understand the important role of design in various fields, especially medical machinery design. Life science design involves aesthetics and education, consistently inventing new products so as to make complex medical devices self-explanatory, or make life more comfortable for people with limited mobility, or simplify cumbersome medical procedures. In other words, life science design opens up unprecedented views and imaginations.

Mobile Fetal Monitor allows users to hear the heartbeat of the fetus during pregnancy. The ultrasound device can record the fetal heartbeat, heart rate and heart movement in the womb through an APP.(Designer: Zhejiang Medzone co., LTD.)
Modern design must meet the needs of all age groups. It must be flexible to meet a variety of requirement standards. Universal Design is the concept of our generation. As design becomes an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, the source of inspiration for good design is no longer the well-received products on the market, but the return to basic human needs. Once the design departs from this perspective, it can reshape our understanding of life.

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