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2020 Design Trend:Globalization, Localization, Social Responsibility and Artificial Intelligence

For the past decades, design awards select design works of high quality from around the globe, presenting the generation and change of design to the designers and design lovers around the world. They are the windows exploring the trend of design and the platforms on which designers exchange ideas. As the last completed international design award in 2019, the CGD Award 2019 demonstrates good designs from 49 categories and perspectives under the motto “Pursuit of Contemporary Good Design”. This year’s CGD Award Winners present four focuses including the latest trends in Geographical Culture, Technological Application, Human Interaction and Social Responsibilities.



Highlight One

What are the Jury’s General Impressions towards CGD Award 2019?


Picture| Exhibition of Winners CGD Award 2019


Good products not only focus on the quality but also on the experience of beauty. Among the applicants of CGD Award 2019, many are unique in their creativity, providing new solutions for design problems. Those works pay attention not only to the careful selection of materials and forms, but also to human needs, desires and emotions, which intensified the competition of CGD 2019 compared to previous years.


Highlight Two

Does globalization conflict with local design?


Picture| Exhibition of Winners CGD Award 2019


Among the winners of CGD Award 2019, many enterprises added local culture elements into the design to win the heart of users. Under the context of globalization, the global designs still hold competitive edges. But we can find that the competition between local design and global design is reconcilable where the portion of high technology embedded within the product plays an important role.


Highlight Three


How should a product live its full life cycle

 to shoulder social responsibilities?


Picture| Exhibition of Winners CGD Award 2019


With the advance of society, available resources are diminishing with increasing ecological problems. The product design plays an important role in the solution of ecological problems which requests designers to consider the usage and recycling process and the planning of the product life cycle in terms of the production, recycling and regeneration. Among the CGD Award 2019 winners, we are glad to find those thoughts and considerations. Many designers have offered their solutions and conscientiously shouldered the social responsibilities.


Highlight Four

Any new insights in the integration of intelligence, technology and users?

Picture| Exhibition of Winners CGD Award 2019

Over the past 10 to 15 years, good design not only pursues a good appearance, but also embodies science-based thinking. On the one hand, product design tries to incorporate human experience into digital world, serving people’s preferences, imaginations and expectations. On the other hand, with the advantages of advanced technologies such as 5G, big data, human intelligence and Internet of Things, the high-tech products interconnect with each other, building an intelligent environment together. The above two typical trends that shows the combination of intelligence, technology and users is obviously demonstrated in this year’s CGD Award winners.


Picture| Exhibition of Winners CGD Award 2019


The four highlights incorporate new trends of design in geographical culture, technological application, human care and social responsibilities. But the inspirations we can derive from the CGD Award winners are far from those. The Exhibition of Winners CGD Award 2019-2020 is large in quantity, approaching 200 in total and covering 160 CGD winners and 14 gold winners. Well-known brands such as BMW, Audi, Baidu, Lenovo, Dell, Tsingtao Beer and Media showcased their award-winning works in the exhibition. By closely observing the winners of CGD 2019, visitors can explore the inspirations brought by those excellent design works.

 Exhibition Information


Exhibition Period:2019.Dec.1st- 2020.Feb.9th.

Exhibition Place: Red Dot Design Museum·Xiamen Special Exhibition Room B&C

Fares :full price ticket 50RMB/person, discount ticket:30RMB/person



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