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Sitting on classic designs in life

 Author:Prof. Dr. Peter Zec  | 2016-07-11

“Why do you like classic design?”

My gut response would be: " They are beautiful and simply elegant!"
But such praise does not provide much professional insight. Many products deserve the title of "classic design";I think consumers should trust their judgment and decision when purchasing. However, what is more valuable is to know how to appreciate the works selected by the judges in the design competition and learn to evaluate the classics in the design field. Even though I can now judge by myself whether a piece of design is good or bad or whether it has the potential to be a classic design, I am still happy to refer to the opinions of other experts. 
How to develop judgment? 
The key is to appreciate good design for a long time. I used to know very little about design, and I was once told that I have no knowledge about it. However, I loved classic design when I was young, and the first work I fell in love with was Alu Chair designed by Charlesand Ray Eames. This charming chair led me, then a newcomer to the society, to buy it. I didn't realize that when I bought this piece of furniture, I had chosen a beautiful design classic.
The encounter with the classic design provides beautiful experience even today. For years in the office, I sat in this chair, savoring functional and aesthetic feature of this design. My another favorite work is the Tizio table lamp, which works with the chair to create the ambience of the "workstation." What I have realized is that the reason for the existence of classic works depends on the appearance of the product, but the appearance and the function is equally important. Alu Chair is a good example.
Designed by Artemide brand "TIZIO" table lamp series

「TIZIO」by Artemide

Since then, many chairs have appeared on the stage of classic designs, such as Hermann Miller's Aeron.Although. Although without an elegant appearance, its ergonomic, functional advantages quickly won the favor of consumers around the world. Aeron's physical and ergonomic design also continues to improve, which shows another element of classic design: timeliness. Although many experts like to say that "classics are timeless," there is no such thing; All the famous classical design works are the products under the specific space-time background, leading the design revolution of that era. There have been many office chairs as glamorous as the Alu Chair; What immediately comes to mind is the AC 4 chair designed by Italian designer Antonio Citterio for Swiss furniture brand Vitra. Antonio Citterio continues to create products that are elegant, functional and comfortable. In addition, I think the Silver designed by Hadi Teherani is also very successful. This exquisite high-tech aluminum seat combines elegant curves and architectural lines, which can be seen in various modern offices. Today Silver is also a classic design icon.

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