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「Design Elements」exhibition is fully renewed

Contemporary Good Design Award, abbreviated as CGD, is an international design award organized by Red Dot in 2015. The award aims to select good design for the contemporary society, and provide the best award services to the winners.

Contemporary Good Design Award, the international design competition organised by Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG, officially calls for entries on July 10th. Meanwhile,“Pursuit  of Contemporary Good Design——Exhibition of Winners CGD Award” located in the permanent exhibitionhall "Design Elements" in Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen, has opened simultaneously. The 2019 Good Contemporary Design Award winning works werefully renewed!

Contemporary Good Design Award, abbreviated as CGD, is an international design award organized by Red Dot. Red Dot Design Museum Essen is dedicated to support theRed Dot Award: Product Design and the Red Dot Award: Brands and CommunicationDesign; Red Dot Design Museum Singapore mainly supports the Red Dot Award:Design Concept; while Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen has a special focus on the Contemporary Good Design Award. 

A total of 60 award-winning works of the 2019 Contemporary Good Design Award were collected in "Pursuit of Contemporary Good Design——Exhibition of Winners CGD Award”, showing different excellent designs in contemporary society and reflecting the latest industrial and consumer development trends.

Local life aesthetics

Against the background of global design, the value of regional cultural differences becomes more precious. Taking the pursuit of a better contemporary local experience as the starting point, designers use smart technology, focus on social responsibilities, interpret local culture and other designs to build a new era of life aesthetics. Designers also continue to expand and express their understanding of eastern culture in a more open and integrated way.

Weco Anoectochilus Roxburghii

Its package recreates traditional elements to represent the new image of modernTCM

The pattern is inspired by the legend of “ginseng that heals birds”

It conveys the new image of modern TCM





EUPA by TEAMOSA Smart Fusion Brewer

It combines modern technologies with the art of traditional tea making

It only takes three minutes to make a good cup of tea

Social responsibility and attitude

Design is endowed with social responsibility and should pay attention to future life. From product production to its discarding, how to complete the full life cycle, how to realize the environmental-friendly recycle has always been the concern of good design. Design serves social life, and design with attitude, responsibility and embodying the humanistic concern is the best contemporary design.


It adheres to the concept of technology, environmental protection and comfort.

The wasted are recycled into a pair of stylish, elegant and comfortable flat shoes

脆桃包装Just Peach·y




  Just Peach·y

The Just Peach·y is inspired by bamboo fishing gear from ancient China

It is printed with soybean ink

Its materials can degrade in a short time

The combination of intelligence, technology and experience

Good design is innovative and honest. With the continuous upgrade and iteration of technology, smart products are no longer limited to provide functional convenience, but also to enhance the quality of real life. The designer has a deeper insight into the needs of users. They incorporate serious scientific thinking, and restores the undifferentiated user experience through the product.

XiaoMu Magical Cube

It enables learning through games and face-to-face company for kids aged two toseven

Itis embedded with multiple motion sensors, and offers a variety of interactive motion-sensing games

It provides the better learning with fun for kids

1MORE Stylish 时尚真无线耳机




1 MORE Stylish BT Pro Headphones

Dual microphone can reduce the noise actively

It creates high-quality music and call for users

The safety and convenience are used when people use it outdoors

Split-Type Design Ultrathin VR Device

It can alleviate loading on the head and face

There will be no discomfort even for long time wearing

Nearsighted users may wear them without myopia glasses

In the world’s first Red Dot Design Week that ended earlier, the “Pursuit  of Contemporary Good Design” themed guided tour by Mr Sean Shih, the director of Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen, also presented the brand new “Design Elements” exhibition for everyone, sharing the award-winning works and design trends of the Contemporary Good Design Award in2019. The themed guided tour also introduced the CGD award-winning products in the "2020 Social Design Exhibition Asia".

On July 10th, 2020, Contemporary Good Design Award officially calls for entries. Manufacturers and designers from around the world, whose products are being fabricated in an industrial production process (before Dec 2020) are invited to participate in the CGD 2020.

CGD was initiated by Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG and Xiamen Culture Media Group in 2015. With the expertise of more than six decades and resources in operating aworld-leading design award, Red Dot is in charge of the whole judging process,and guarantees its professionalism, fairness and authorativeness. Outstanding products will receive the accolade as a recognition of top design achievement, and enjoy professional winner services provided by the CGD committee.

Different from other design awards, CGD focuses on solving winners’ development concerns, thus provides customized winner services, including the established CGDpermanent exhibition hall in Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen. Therefore, the award meets development need including brand promotion and sales boost of the winners, and effectively boost consumption and industry upgrading.

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