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Social Design Action | The Synergy of Design - Social Design Exhibition 2023 @Chengdu

June 6, 2023
"The Synergy of Design - Social Design Exhibition 2023"
officially kicked off in Chengdu Tianfu Design Hall!

"The Synergy of Design - Social Design Exhibition 2023"is sponsored by the Design for Social Innovation & Sustainability (DESIS) and the Management Committee of the Eastern Suburb Memory Art Zone, Chenghua District, Chengdu, hosted by Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen and Chengdu Huatian Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., organized by Chengdu Chuangcheng Brand Management Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Tianfu Design Hall, and co-organized by Chengdu Tianfu Huazhang Cultural and Creative Development Co., Ltd.

The Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen invites you to explore the world of social design, where everyone can be a designer and make a difference. You will discover more than 140 inspiring examples of how designers from 13 countries and regionsuse their creativity and skills to tackle social issues and improve lives.

Let's get close and personal with all the excellent social design works that the exhibition has to offer.

Social design work differs from general design work in that it necessitates designers to comprehend and analyze particular individuals and their genuine difficulties. This is the first step toward the real problem and its solution.

Survival / Distribution
The Distance from Feeling to Understanding

Design is the art of making life better, but how do you define better? Better is in the eye of the beholder, and each has a different definition from a different position at a different distance. The "Survival/Distribution" exhibition area will show you how design can softly reshape the world, exposing and transforming the conflicts hidden in plain sight.

1.HAMAMI-Give A Smile

Designed by: VISEE Design | Germany

HAMAMI is a public charity in Germany to help children in West Africa with cleft lips, jaws, or palates, congenital facial deformities, NOMA, and thyroid disease.

2. Cluster Learning Uganda

Designed by: Children on the Edge | Uganda

What it is: This project enables young refugees in Uganda to access essential early childhood education resources by overcoming the challenges of funding, building, and locations.

3. Izzistrit Platform

Designed by: Macello Medeiros, Alderlan Oliveira, Sinézio Morais, Delcimário Alves | Savannah

What it is: Izzistrit is a platform that assists people with disabilities or limited mobility to navigate the urban environment with more safety, freedom, and self-reliance.

4. GRECO Design & Fa.vela

Designed by: GRECO Design & Fa.vela | Brazil

What it is: This project provides free visual branding for entrepreneurs and supports the incubation and development of their businesses.

5. MLL:Munich Leukemia Laboratory

Designed by: Robert Börsting, Head of Design KMS TEAM | Germany

What it is: The German strategy and design institution KMS TEAM defined its brand idea, mindset, and values based on the strategy of Munich Leukemia Lab (MLL) and visualized the information contained in the blood.


Designed by: LR SEOUL | Korea

What it is: DREAM RING is a dream come true for African women who face stigma and hardship because of their periods. It is a reusable, eco-friendly, low-cost sanitary product that gives them dignity and hygiene.

7. Project Aliens

Designed by: Hikaru Cho | Japan

What it is: This project aims to change the perception of individual differences by creating an organization called "UCO".

Live Breathing
In between Memories and Symbols

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lifestyles and consumption patterns several times, forcing us to reflect on and look squarely at how to identify ourselves and our sense of belonging in a multicultural context. The "Living/Breathing" exhibition area will invite you to the design practice of local intervention that deals with specific and subtle life.

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1. UNSCHOOL Lifelong Learning Community

Designed by: Qian Zhilong and his apprentices (Li Shujie, Wu Han, etc.) and fellow scholars of UNSCHOOL | China

What it is: Having visited more than 300 schools in China and around the world, Dr. Qian Zhilong, the founder of the community, identified the drawbacks of the outdated and highly competitive exam-oriented education system. Therefore, he founded the community with the mission of "freeing parents from anxiety and confusion". UNSCHOOL is a lifelong learning community with the vision of "bringing education back to life and enabling authentic and free learning".

2. Fengwu · Season Village Action

Designed by: IARA Rural Research Center, IARA, and Fengwu · Season Construction Community | China

What it is: The project takes Fengwu Village, Biyang Town, Yixian County, Huangshan City as a pilot project. It involves various activities such as renovating spaces, stimulating industries, and conserving culture. It seeks to establish a design approach that promotes rural revitalization via collaboration between urban and rural areas and among villagers.

3. Box Community

Design: Shuhei Aoyama | Japan/p>

What it is: "Community City of 400 Boxes" conceives a new type of shared community for urban young people in the individual age.

4.Plant Tenants

Designed by: Xie Zhipeng, Liu Jiangping, and Chen Xiaoman from Shenzhen University | China

What it is: Plant Tenants uses plants as an antidote to strangeness among people and a catalyst for conversations and connections.

5. Sun Commune

Designed by: Atelier Chen Haoru | China

What it is: The Sun Commune is a utopian collective with many sections, including permaculture, ecological culture, leisure homestay inn, and nature education. It creates a connection between the urban and the rural areas, allowing urbanites and farmers to build homes together.

Environment Balance
Action and Reaction

The natural world patiently awaits people who care; the green design concept that embraces sustainability has to stay true to the ecological environment that suffers from human actions. The "Environment / Balance" exhibition area shows you the profound bond between humans and nature at every level.


Designed by: NANOxARCH ® | China

What it is: Creative consultant NANOxARCH pioneered the concept of "sustainable material design" in China in 2018. It has been committed to exploring how to expand access to "sustainable materials" that fully consider the health of people and the environment and have economic benefits.

2. Krado Leaflet

Designed by: Hatch Duo LLC | USA

What it is: The Krado Leaflet Smart Plant Sensor is the first device of its kind that can offer a holistic plant care solution from start to finish

3. Dominocean

Design: Aung: New Arriva Co., Ltd (Qualy Design Brand) | Thailand

What it is: The design team is guided by the vision that a better life can lead to a better world. Therefore, they incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly designs into products and create everyday essentials that offer users a sense of well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

Design / Relaunch

The participation of the public and the leadership of expert organizations work together to sort out and discover social problems, rethink systematic solutions from a holistic perspective, and better serve those in need.

In this exhibition
UNSCHOOL's light boat plan offers fun interactions
to make the problem really visible
The exhibition will conclude on August 18th
You are invited to share your thoughts with the "designers" around you
on the power of design that can transform the world

"The Synergy of Design - Social Design Exhibition 2023"
Date: June 6 to August 18, 2023
Address: Building 5, Eastern Suburb Memory Art Zone, Chenghua District, Chengdu

Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen

Supported by
Design for Social Innovation & Sustainability (DESIS) and the Management Committee of the Eastern Suburb Memory Art Zone, Chenghua District, Chengdu

Hosted by
Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen and Chengdu Huatian Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Organized by
Chengdu Chuangcheng Brand Management Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Tianfu Design Hall

Co-organized by
Chengdu Tianfu Huazhang Cultural and Creative Development Co., Ltd.

Presented by
Wu Bingjie

Academic consultants
Liu Xin and Zhong Fang / DESIS Lab, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

Curatorial team
Zhang Sitian, Yang Yiyin, Wu Huimin, and Wang Yizhu

Space design
Zhuo Guobin

Visual design
Chen Siqi

Exhibition execution
Wu Ruiqing, Yan Biao, Zhou Xiaoyan, Chen Meifang, Zhou Jianhua, Lin Shutian, and Yang Yi

Promotion of the exhibition
Lin Jian, Yang Lingling, and Gong Li

Business support
Cong Nan

Media support (continuously increasing)
Industrial Design
LeNS Learning Network on Sustainability
Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing
Industrial Design of Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design, Fuzhou University
Bazaar Design Award

Tianfu Design Hall

Tianfu Design Hall is located in the Eastern Suburb Memory Art Zone, aiming to showcase international design exhibitions and display global design trends. Here, we will discuss topics such as design's impact on industries, life, modern industrial civilization, and the connection and development of future cities, explore global design and industry trends, and use design to connect with the world.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-18:00 (last admission at 17:00)

Closed on Mondays (except it's on official holidays)

Address: Building 5, Eastern Suburb Memory Art Zone, No. 4 Jianshe Nanzhi Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province


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