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5th Anniversary丨Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen Grand Reopening!

On November 28, 2023, coinciding with the 5th anniversary of Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen, the museum officially reopened after moving to a new location!

On the morning of the 28th, the opening ceremony “Accompanied by Good Design”, concluded successfully in Jimei District, Xiamen.

Founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award Professor Dr. Peter Zec, Vice President of the Red Dot Award Vito Oražem, Asia President of Red Dot, and three of international jurors were invited to attend the opening ceremony.

Professor Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award, and Ph.D Hongmei Lin, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Xiamen Media Group Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Xiamen Culture Media Group delivered opening speeches and shared their insights.

▲  开幕式现场

In 2012,Red Dot was introduced to Xiamen. So far, Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen has made important contributions to the introduction of world-class design thinking to China and the promotion of scientific and technological innovation and development. In 2018, the third in the world and the one and only Red Dot Design Museum in China settled in airport Terminal 2 in Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, which gradually became a hub connecting international design and Chinese design. In 2021, the temporary Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen was moved to Xiamen Fliport Convention and Exhibition Center. In 2023, the Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen officially reopened in Jimei CBD, ushering in a new future!

▲  红点设计博物馆·厦门 旧馆风貌

Over the years, Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen has introduced more than 30 international professional exhibitions, attracted nearly 400,000 visitors, completed more than 500 professional events, gathered 600 global brand products, and provided training courses for more than 7,000 people...

Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen presents the top level of design in various fields and the innovation of designers and design teams at multiple levels through high-quality international design exhibitions, forward-looking design trends and exploration discussions, and public education projects with advanced concepts. It provides professional support and cooperation platform for design creation practice and leads the audience into the diverse design world.

▲  过往精彩活动一览

Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen allows design to truly enter the lives of the general public, leading them to appreciate the value and charm of design! No matter you are a mere enthusiast, or an ordinary people with zero background in design, you can find a door to design art here.

5th Anniversary Design Salon

"In today's harsh and competitive marketplace, we as designers need to think - and do even a little bit of everything - to advance and change the relationship between design and manufacturing, and industry, and the environment."

——Honorary Director of Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen

Prof. Cai Jun

▲ 沙龙现场

Rather than a straight-forward expression of innovative idea, design is an internalized presentation of the designers' in-depth reflection on lives.

On the afternoon of 28th, a large number of guests gathered at the event site of “Live Design Talk: ACCOMPANIED BY GOOD DESIGN”, the 5th Anniversary Design Salon of Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen. International jurors Prof. Cai Jun, Dirk Schumann and Dr. Joseph Francis Wong focused on the three major design issues of science, humanities, and society, and talked with CGD award-winning designers, representatives of famous brands, and design media on the scene of the salon, discussing and interacting with each other, and opening up a "brainstorming" about the future development of design.


蔡军、Dirk Schumann、黄伟祖

▲ 沙龙现场

2023 Contemporary Good Design Award Ceremony

On the evening of November 28, the 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award ceremony was held at the Minnan Opera Center in Xiamen. Founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award Professor Dr. Peter Zec and representation of international jurors attend the ceremony, and enjoyed the glorious moment with award winners.

▲ 颁奖典礼现场

Since the launching of global solicitation on May 16, the 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award has received many excellent works from multiple countries and regions. The German Red Dot Award Organization is solely responsible for the judging of the Contemporary Good Design Award. The international jury of the Contemporary Good Design Award consists of 12 senior professors from design programs and design schools as well as other authorities from different countries and regions around the world, to select the winner professionally, fairly and impartially.

▲  2023当代好设计奖评审现场

After the rigorous selection of the Contemporary Good Design Award, 241 winners were officially announced, including 23 winners of the Contemporary Good Design Gold Winner and 1 winner of the Contemporary Good Design: Best Smart Product. The awarded works cover design products of various levels and fields, from internationally renowned brands to domestic cutting-edge designs, from intelligent industry to human and pet living and medical care.

▲  颁奖典礼现场

Infinite Design: Exhibition of Winners of 2023 Contemporary Good Design Award was held as the same time, which presented a rich collection of good designs with a keen insight in contemporary needs and a comprehensive coverage of daily living scenes from daily lives to emotional projection. The exhibited works have continuously reflected and deepened the depiction of residential living in the new era in a more open and integrated manner.

With the influence of the Contemporary Good Design Award, they will receive more honors and be introduced to the domestic and international markets, performing on a broader stage and obtaining more promotion opportunities.

2023 Designer’s Night

Night by the lake, buffet banquet, vibrant jazz band, the shining and glamorous Moonlight Ring, the huge group photo commemorative wall, classical retro swing dance......

At the moment of nightfall, tranquility prevailed at each corner. The Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen was still immersed in the jubilation of 2023 Designer’s Night, with celebrities shinning.

▲ 2023设计师之夜现场

Honored guests were celebrating the great moment and sharing the honor under the spotlight. The Contemporary Good Design Award provides a stage, bringing designers flowers and applause to inspire these extraordinary creators to make further progress. Together we see good design!


Brand new themed exhibitions are coming

With the official operation Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen, multiple exhibitions will be held successively. Welcome to be " Accompanied by Good Design”!

Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen 5th Anniversary
Welcome to the world of design
Accompanied by Good Design


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