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Invitation of 2024 Social Design Exhibition

Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen is located in Xiamen, China. Following the venues in Essen Germany and Singapore, it is the world's third Red Dot Design Museum.

We successfully held “Social Design Exhibition Asia” in 2020 and continuously hold a series of “Social Design Tour Exhibition” in different cities in the following years. This year we also are going to continuously hold “Social Design Exhibition 2024” in the beginning of July at Tianfu Design Institute Park, which is located in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, after that, the exhibition also will be hold at Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen.

The exhibition focuses and presents the importance of "design growth", and fully presents the experiments and innovative thinking of social design on individuals, the environment and the society themselves respectively. Including from aging, food safety, social problems in the development of urbanization, to observe the vulnerable groups and special region, through product design, architectural design, digital design, video records, social activities and art installation, etc., combined with the latest technology and digital development direction, to show the latest trends of the current social design, promote social integration and active growth.

Also, we're inviting outstanding social design works from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. We will be responsible for curation, exhibition design, exhibition production, exhibition operation, media promotion and other related work. This exhibition will bring brand exposure and opportunities for your company and products. After the exhibition is launched, we will arrange press release and provide promotional photos and Participation Certification for your company's publicity.

Tianfu Design Hall is located in the Tianfu Design Institute Park, aiming to showcase international design exhibitions and display global design trends. Here, we will discuss topics such as design's impact on industries, life, modern industrial civilization, and the connection and development of future cities, explore global design and industry trends, and use design to connect with the world.

Other informations:

First Exhibition Address: Tianfu Design Institute Park, No. 450 in Xianyun 1st Road,  Chenghua District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China
Exhibition Venue Area: 890㎡
Expected Time: 2024/07/09
Second Exhibition Address: Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen
Time: 2025,the specific time is to be confirmed
Transportation to Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen and insurance costs:own-expense
Exhibition cost: none
Building cost: none
If you're willing to participate, please email us to ASAP. We're glad to inform you more details on next steps.
For more details on Social Design Exhibition  2023, please visit:
For more details on Social Design Exhibition Asia 2020, please visit:
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