Exhibition of Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018

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July 30th - Sept. 18th, 2019 Special exhibition room A on the first floor, special exhibition room B&C on the second floor at Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen


Exhibition of Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018 demonstrates 707 pieces of award-winning design from 35 countries. There are 17 different categories, ranging from packaging design, publishing & print media, posters, film & animation, fair stands, retail design, online, Apps and many more fields. The exhibits include physical objects, images, videos, etc. 2D, 3D, multimedia presentations and interactive experiences are adopted to highlight the world’s latest communication design trends and categories in a comprehensive way. The selection of exhibits includes 7 Red Dot: Grand Prix (the highest single distinction in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design) winners and 50 Red Dot: Best of the Best winners. The exhibition introduces the best communication design philosophy to the Chinese audience, inviting them to feel the “warmness” brought by a wide range of communication design topics and sense the “speed” of the latest design works. Since its creation, the Red Dot Award: Communication Design has been searching for good designs and creativity. The exhibits express their deep concern and reflection on the current social, economic, cultural and artistic developments as well as our living environment, which breaks away from the traditional design philosophy. Different from presenting all the items in one single exhibition room, the exhibition also makes a breakthrough by displaying the award-winning designs at the special exhibition room on the second floor (the main exhibition room), while presenting visual communication designs in the “World View” exhibition room. This way, the audience can explore the viewpoints conveyed by the award-winning designs from different perspectives.


This exhibition has ended.

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